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the noisy shark
20 August 2013 @ 02:26 am
I decided that I'll make this my learning blog too ^^ I learnt how to play troika (Tetris) on my tablet piano ^^
super easy la, but I still so noob at it :( Hopefully can advanced to like 2 fingers or more de then 2 hands :D

I want to play Reason by Yuzu :(
Iru yo soba ni ichiban chikaku ~~
i shall learn how to play the front part 1st
Gotta write down the alphabets

continue prac troika later :D

When I get older, hopefully can play better ones , and get my own keyboard/digital piano ^^
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the noisy shark
12 August 2013 @ 02:41 am
Will update with more info.
Last updated 20 Aug 2013

Hunter x Hunter
Miracle Battle Carddass HH01

Pokemon TCG
BW Shiny Collection (Maybe not)
BW Dragon Vault (Latios Latias, Bagon Sheldon Salamence, Rayquaza)
BW Plasma Storm

Pokemon Toys
Oshawott Car

Monsters Inc Mike scooter toy
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the noisy shark
06 April 2013 @ 10:10 pm
I've decided to turn this to my collecting blog hahas

What I want to collect:
Pokemon Monster collection (Takara tomy)
Hunter x Hunter Miracle Battle Carddass (Bandai)
Hopefully other cards ^^

For my Monster Collection, I have bought 3, which are Chikorita, Tepig and Glaceon.
Glaceon is super pretty ^^
I want to get the other Eevee-lutions, hoenn starters and unova monkeys ^^ and other pretty ones of course hooohoho

edit: Still considering, maybe I want to get pokemon card tins ^^
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the noisy shark
29 March 2013 @ 12:17 am
Soooo it has been a year haha

i want to collect stuff but no $_$
wait till i get older ^^


btw, i'm on solartomato.tumblr.com

lj is a pretty fly place for comms :D and the mood icons n the diff user icons too~~ I'm glad that there are still places alive here
before tumblr became a big deal lj was my hideout ~~
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the noisy shark
19 January 2012 @ 04:37 pm
omg long time no see, livejournal :D I used to be a crazy whacko writer hehehe :D Oh yeah, I moved to blogger long ago XD (here http://kickscym.blogspot.com/). Actually I usually use blogger for my "real life self" blog, and thus am more used to blogger hehe.

I kinda left the lj community, because I couldn't keep up with the people and fandoms? But I am more active on dA now. (NOT REALLY!! I'm just kind a lurker. Too little time.) Partly because now I'm studying animation and need much more references on works and photography. It's a hard path, really. I wished that I had an older sibling to advise me on better paths to choose than the path of animation. But as of yet I didn't really regret studying, YET (and yet again, LOL, I emphasise the word YET). I hope the "yet" doesn't ever come tho, or it'll hinder my grades. Haha.

EDIT: Omg I was reading my older posts and realised how stupid I sound *shoots self*
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