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the noisy shark
14 October 2011 @ 02:11 pm
Please. Please stop. Please stop using other people's art/fan art and transform them prettily on photoshop or whatever program u use and post it without permission from the artist. And claim it as your own. And better yet, ask (and some even demand) credits from people who use them (When they DON'T CREDIT THE ARTISTS AT ALL, DON'T EVEN TALK ABOUT ASKING PERMISSION.) MY DEARIES, "FROM PIXIV / DEVIANTART / IDK WHAT OTHER BIG GRAPHICS WEBSITE" IS NOT ENOUGH. You have the cheek to ask people to link directly to your journal when people use icons that are "made by you" when you don't credit the artist. Some don't even bother writing from whatever.com. I believe some artists actually sue people for using work w/o permission (most, of course is original art or photography.)

I personally have fell into this trap of making graphics without the artists' permission. And I will NOT make this mistake again. Being an "artist" (not really good to be called one hur hur) I can now understand the feelings of others' using your art.

New icon/graphic makers (that derive works from others') please note if the artist allow derivative use of their work with or without permission before starting anything. Although many "good" icon makers do it it doesn't mean it is correct. Do not be lazy because you might end up in deeper shit later...

Textures and resources included...see if they want credits or not...
It's nice to put credits even if they don't require one ^_^

Oh and on a lighter note, some the art on the icons are so fantastic!! WHEN THERE ARE NO CREDITS I GET SO ANNOYED WHEN I DON'T KNOW WHO DREW THOSE MAGNIFICENT PICTURES.....

Sorry for my crappy English, I just want my point to be brought across...
the noisy shark
09 August 2011 @ 12:14 am
Happy national day!! Singapore~

I prob shouldn't be posting now! *WORK WORK WORK* But heck! Life can't be all work and no play, right? Hehe. Anyways, looking thru all the awesome works of various artists in dA, I have a bold dream. I know some people go all ARGHHDHGDSS and wtf and how the hell??? over many of the magnificent works in dA, and they get jealous and complain. They do not realise how much time and effort these artists put into their work, and how many years of experiences, failures and hard work they have put in. Then say stuff about them being imba. (Well, to tell the truth, some artists ARE pretty imba. Not pretty. SUPER IMBA!!! Example here. That's gotta be one talented one, I must say.) But Imma not doin' that. I'm going to work hard, and improve myself and my drawing. And get used to the tablet soon sighs!! Haha. And about my bold dream. To be one of the many, many magnificent and heard people in dA. One day, I hope that my drawing becomes good enough, and that thecym will have a bright future ahead. GO, SELF!!! If I ever give up halfway imma read this post and tell myself about one of my many dreams. And that one by one, these dreams will become a reality. Currently imma not posting anything cuz I tell myself until I do something decent and something that I'm proud of, then I'll post it up on my dA. Well, I hope those days come soon =)
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the noisy shark
05 August 2011 @ 11:28 pm
Hurhur I "revived" my dA and REMEMBERED that I actually have a livejournal account!
How mag-nee-fee-cent...

Nothing to type cuz my life as an internet shark ain't that exciting
ciaossssss and cyas!!

mini edit: sighs manz imma clean up my tags list soon.
n can't wait for my holidays wootzzz

oh n my youtube's dead cuz I dun wanna join with google! It's a plooooy!! (OLD, I know...hehehes. Can't comment but heck!!)
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the noisy shark
16 November 2010 @ 12:42 am
I'm still alive

and I grew wings

and flew away

from this place


(lit. see you again in Chinese)

hope so, lol

(I'm not laughing)

Oh and anyway...my blogcrews are closed. bye
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the noisy shark
03 October 2010 @ 12:52 pm
and breathing through my robotic lungs as i'm still unable to get out of the wooden box

sigh i wanna get out of the box soon and erm, breathe with my gills?

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