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19 January 2012 @ 04:37 pm
omg long time no see, livejournal :D I used to be a crazy whacko writer hehehe :D Oh yeah, I moved to blogger long ago XD (here http://kickscym.blogspot.com/). Actually I usually use blogger for my "real life self" blog, and thus am more used to blogger hehe.

I kinda left the lj community, because I couldn't keep up with the people and fandoms? But I am more active on dA now. (NOT REALLY!! I'm just kind a lurker. Too little time.) Partly because now I'm studying animation and need much more references on works and photography. It's a hard path, really. I wished that I had an older sibling to advise me on better paths to choose than the path of animation. But as of yet I didn't really regret studying, YET (and yet again, LOL, I emphasise the word YET). I hope the "yet" doesn't ever come tho, or it'll hinder my grades. Haha.

EDIT: Omg I was reading my older posts and realised how stupid I sound *shoots self*
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